Plastens Hus

Nordens enda plastmuséum. Vi berättar om plastens utveckling

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Epoch 3

Plastics and laminate for everyone

After World War II, plastic production is still about thermosets, but now with the addition of the new thermoplastics. In the early 1950s, Perstorp launches modern, injection-molded, colorful household items. And for the industrial market, there are bread and meat trays, among many other plastic products.
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The big success of the 50s, however, is decorative laminate. Thanks to the new melamine plastic, laminate can now be made in unlimited colors and patterns.

New and practical laminate

Perstorp Decorative Laminate is born, just as Sweden is entering an era of prosperity for everyone. Some 100 000 apartments are built, often with kitchens and bathrooms furnished with the new, practical laminate from Perstorp. In 1955, the company also starts laminate production in far away Brazil – the first foreign investment ever.


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The village expands

The success of decorative laminate boosts Perstorp’s sales by 50%! But success calls for greater production capacity and more manpower. The wave of new employees over the next two decades in matched by the construction of 1 800 new apartments in the little village of Perstorp.

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Laminate in several sizes, properties and patterns.


Färg- och mönsterprover.
Thanks to the new melamine plastic, laminate can now be made in unlimited colours and patterns.


Plastic dice.